I originally trained with the Bi-Aura Foundation in 2005.

I am also trained in the healing techniques of

Zdenko Domancic with Zoran Hotchstatter in 2009.

I recently studied further Bio Energy healing

techniques with Michael D’Alton in 2014

B.Ed Hons Degree University of Glasgow

Transcendental Meditation




West Stirlingshire - East Dunbartonshire


If you’d like to know more about energy healing or

meditation please have a look at the video links below.

Bi Aura -

Zdenko Domancic -

Michael d’Alton - Vancouver Canada

Transcendental - Meditation

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To arrange an

appointment please contact ...


07905 502 992

A single energy clearing and balancing session lasts approximately 1 hour.

Four sessions are usually recommended.

Bio Energy Healing Information

Philibrium Bio Field Energy Healing 2005 ©

“Quantum healing is healing the body/mind from a quantum level.

That means from a level which is not manifest, or apparent, at a sensory level.


Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy.

Quantum healing involves a shift in the field of energy information

to bring healing and balance.”

Dr Deepak Chopra

Further Information

The Human Energy Field

The Seven Energy Centres



Loch Lomond